Masters of the Scrum

Masters of the Scrum

I could again start this post about a changing world – heck, that’s somehow becoming a base theme for most of my thinking and writing recently … This time I’m not talking of servers, blogs or my leisure time programming projects, but about my professional career. Some many years ago, I started as a programmer, engaged in some very technical stuff (coding a boot loader for an Ultra Spark II appliance). After finishing my studies and graduating in information technology and business administration, I turned more and more towards business performance management and financial controlling, became even an expert on that area.

More recently, I got in touch with that digitalisation thing sweeping through all the big corporations eventually, and the one I work for wasn’t spared (I don’t mind at all, it’s just somewhat funny to explore what people from different generations have in their mind when talking about digitalisation, but that’s good for another blog post). Hence I stretched beyond my pure financial controlling scope, became sucked into the digital machine and became a project manager, then a product owner (as we switched to Scrum).

With that, I re-discovered my passion for change and transformation. It started to feel like my company was finally catching up with what felt like natural habits to me, so I engaged stronger in this change and transformation. Consequently, I suddenly found myself in a position where I had to facilitate this transition, just to discover that following an agile approach just for my own stuff is a completely different story than animating a fully-grown team to do so. That was the point where I started venturing into agile and Scrum coaching, seeking a more profund education to enable myself becoming an agile coach.

A couple of days ago, I mastered the first significant milestone on that way by receiving my Scrum Master certification issued by the Scrum Alliance. So far I acted as agile facilitator only informally, usually from a product owner role which I got quite used to, since we didn’t have official agile coaches or a Scrum Master assigned in the projects I was involved in. That will change now, just kicked off the first bigger project I will serve officially as Scrum Master. I’m quite excited about that change of perspective, being fully aware it will put my leadership skills to a strong test, seeing if I can adapt from being the pushy challenger guy to being the inspiring facilitator guy. Once I’sm a bit into it I will let you know how it goes, and whether I already drove the product owner nuts…

P. S. credits to PierreSelim for the cover picture, it is available here under conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

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